Theatre Bizarre – Knight Foundation Award

Theatre Bizarre - Knight Foundation
We give many thanks to each and all of you who turned out in numbers to support us over the years.  Your patronage is the life blood of us and we truly appreciate it.
Theatre Bizarre is more than honored to be a recipient of a Knight Foundation award for fostering the arts in Detroit. We have come far since our beloved grounds were shuttered and our stages dismantled by order of the city just a few years ago. We, who would not lie down and return to dust, are beyond grateful for the support and acknowledgement of John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
Along with this award, there is a generous grant from the Knight Foundation which will give us the opportunity to purchase the tools needed to continue creating The Greatest Masquerade on Earth for all of us beyond this year. In order to utilize this gift it is imperative we are able to match the funds of the Knight Foundation grant.
As all our endeavors, ticket sales are the key that unlocks the wonder and terrifying decadence that is Theatre Bizarre. Half the amount of tickets purchased for The Procession Preview Gala will be tax deductible as a charitable donation through the Miami Foundation, Inc. and our best hope of matching these needed funds.
You, as participants in this phantasmagoric event, are not only supporting us but the arts community at large in the Detroit metro area. For this, there are no thanks large enough.
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