Marche With Us Into 2018!

The snow has melted, and the sun has begun its shine once again. So too, Templum Balatro has begun its stirring. Soon, the headlights of our Ghost Train will cut through the foggy haze of the unknown, arriving this week at the "Marche du Nain Rouge" for Theatre Bizzare's first appearance of 2018! Join us as it illuminates the darkness that has plagued Detroit and help us drive out the Nain Rouge from the city.

Sunday, March 25th, join Theatre Bizarre and the hallowed members of Templum Balatro as they summon forth the minions of Zombo to ride our Ghost Train through the streets of Detroit in a most devilish masquerade, chasing away the historic imp of mayhem. Be sure to arrive dressed to to the nines, as we hope to terrify and beguile Evil itself.

We shall see you this Sunday at 12:00 PM, upon the corner of Canfield and Second, right next to Traffic Jam & Snug, to partake in a decadent celebration of Detroit. When the clock strikes 1:00 PM, we begin our unholy crusade to rid the city of its devilish blight. See you then.... we'll be expecting you....

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