Theatre Bizarre 2018 Burlesque Line-Up!

Welcome to the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow, where our debauched host shall inundate you in immoral indulgence with every act. May we introduce to you our full Theatre Bizarre 2018 Burlesque Line-up...


Roxi DLite
Angie Pontani
Ray Gunn
Kristina Nekyia: Showgrrrl
Musette "The Mistress of Mischief"
Lushes Lamoan
Julie Atlas Muz
Lou Henry Hoover
Eva Mae Garnet Burly-q
Dee Dee Starr
Laura Desiree Burlesque
Dolly Berlin Burlesque
Mercury Stardust
Aria Delanoche
Dahlia Dulce
Samantha D Siren
Magenta DeMure
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière
Kristina Nekyia
Tana the Tattooed Lady
Vyla Vaudette
Abigail Rhys


Enjoy the view, sweet creatures. We sure will...

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