Thank You, From Theatre Bizarre

What a magnificently prolific and dissolute year we’ve had at Theatre Bizarre. An unprecedented series of events emerged, and with them, the emergence of the many secrets and many lies of The Great Deception. We trust you all enjoyed the ride.

After a long week of aiding in the ethereal escape of Theatre Bizarre back into the shadows, we have finally marked an end to another great year (Well… almost. Some crews are still in the building; cleaning, storing and inventorying, along with our Controller, who will be sorting this mess until the end of the year.). The lights have all dimmed, the walls have all fallen, and Zombo slumbers once more. Now, with another chapter closed for Theatre Bizarre, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge each and every person, beast, creature, and otherwise who have aided in creating the inconceivable. From the performers on the stages, in the halls, and throughout the many rooms of the Temple, to those behind the curtain to ensure all the gears are turning, and also to all those who have joined us to see another year of our unholy masquerade - this show would not exist without you.

The incomprehensible amount of folks to thank is difficult to sum up quickly, and the scale of our performers and crew is as large as their dedication, a mere thanks never quite seems like enough. There were so many changes behind the scenes this year - with new spaces, new managers, new crew, and in some cases, a new approach. A lot of department changes happened and were handled so beautifully: the costume department, the volunteer leads, credentials, the hair stylists and make-up team, the audio crews, the lighting department, the fabric team, the pumpkin masters, gatherers, and carvers, everyone that kept the office running smooth and the coffee flowing, the cabinet makers and painters, the candy jar fillers, candy corn wranglers, the candle lighters, the soundscape designers, the smoke machine operators, the projectionists, the Zombo prize sewers, the parking attendants, stagers, flip crew, fire & safety, the merch crew, our security leads, the fixer, and those who put their heart and soul into changing thousands of light bulbs, and solving thousands of problems…

Our installation crews working tirelessly, and poring themselves into every detail in every corner of the building. Our on-site managers and logistic princess toiling away to make sure everything runs smoothly. The stage managers and stagehands, the tech crews, the pa's, the ones hanging floor signs and concealing coke machines, the first-aid crew and EMTs, the photographers and videographers, all of the people that fed us when we had no time to feed ourselves - craft services, the caterers, and the folks that dropped off food for our workers, just to name a few. The Masonic Temple, for trusting us to honor such a historic and unparalleled building that is as much of the atmosphere of the new Theatre Bizarre as any set dressing. The clowns and devils, the trick-or-treaters, the acrobats and cats, and all of the performers and their impeccable safeties, the MC's, the suspension crews, the infernal guard, the go-go dancers, the facility ghouls cleaning up after drunks, elevator operators as our lifeline in the building, ticket takers, game carnies, fortune tellers, wandering musicians and stationary musical ensembles made for their stages in the halls, the doormen, ushers and popcorn girls, the ice cream servers and soda jerks, the train conductors, the tortured souls and the green fairies - all attending countless hours of orientations, fittings, training, rehearsals, not to mention the time in the makeup chair leading up to the physical and mental exhaustion of performing for such a long stretch and covering so much ground, running several marathons through brutal terrain. And also all the performers throughout the world who may not attend months and months of prep for our event alone, but who lend us the skills they've spent a lifetime developing to create special moments in every room throughout the temple. The burlesque performers, the bands, the freaks and geeks and everyone in between. The lists could go on forever, and we’re sorry if we missed anyone in trying to highlight the incredible scope of this event and the gratitude we have for every single person involved.

This also wouldn't be complete without acknowledging all those who spread the unholy word of Theatre Bizarre to their friends and families, year after year. The people who spend months and months hand crafting some of the most exquisite costumes we've ever seen to add to the elegance and curiosity of our event. The people who return every passing year to see the new talent coming to our show, or to see the new acts of imagination and insanity from our returning performers. The people who enter inside, eager to have an indescribable adventure, engaging and adding to the grand revelry.

All of this would only be possible through the blood, sweat and tears of every person, giving everything they have to pull off the extraordinary. We can't thank you enough. We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has allowed us to continue our procession into the curious and unknown. From all of us to all of you.... cheers to another year, and for more to come... Thank you all.

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