John Dunivant Limited Run “Star Wars” Art Piece

Step right up, and feast your eyes on the newest art piece from Theatre Bizarre creator and artistic mastermind - John Dunivant! Following the wild success of his sci-fi side venture - the immersive Star Wars party, Space Dive - he’s sending May the Fourth out with a bang, bringing you a limited run of his new Star Wars inspired art piece exclusively through 1xRun. With less than 10 prints remaining and only 3 days left to grab one we sat down with John Dunivant for a brief interview about “Saint Luke and the Dragon”. (Click here for the link and get one while you still can.)

"The mythology and world-building that I learned from Star Wars, lead directly to the creation of Theatre Bizarre." - John Dunivant

- Why did you pick this piece thematically?

JD: I was asked by 1xRun to participate in their "May the 4th Be With You" print series and jumped at the chance, due to my love for Star Wars.  Thematically, I chose to create this piece because I wanted to play with the mythos and the religious allegory.

- What was your inspiration for this piece?

JD: The Peter Paul Rubens painting "Saint George and the Dragon" from the early Fifteenth century, plus a Burger Chef Star Wars poster by Boris Vallejo that I had when I was 9.  It hung in my basement and became this holy depiction to me, like an illustration from the Stations of the Cross.  It seemed like a natural match-up.

("Saint George and the Dragon", Peter Paul Rubens, 1605)

("Saint Luke and the Dragon" - Work In Progress Shot)

  • How long did it take to complete?

JD: About 3 weeks

- What tools did you use to create the piece?

JD: Paint brushes and palette knives.   The medium is acrylic and oil on wood.  The print will have hand-painted gold accents for Luke's halo.  I'll be finishing the gold on the original painting with spray-paint.

- What’s your background with Star Wars?  

JD: I saw Star Wars on its original run in 77, when I was 6 years old, and even then I knew it would have a massive impact on my life.  I became obsessed.  In 1981, I traded a bunch of toys (including my Godzilla with rocket firing fists, and my Paul Stanley 12 inch KISS figure) for the book The Art of The Empire Strikes Back with my next door neighbor.  This book changed my life and taught me so much.  The mythology and world-building that I learned from Star Wars lead directly to the creation of Theatre Bizarre.

(Above: John Dunivant on his 10th birthday with a Star Wars cake and the Boris Vallejo poster behind him.)

(Right:Boris Vallejo's "Empire Strikes Back" poster which influenced Dunivant's tauntaun design.)

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