Theatre Bizarre Hotel Bundle FAQ

Theatre Bizarre 2018 Hotel Bundle FAQs


Do Theatre Bizarre Hotel Packages have a minimum age?

Both the Theatre Bizarre and the Motor City Casino Hotel require guests be 21+ check-in for your reservation and attend the event nights. Please ensure all guests attending meet this age requirement before purchasing tickets.

Do I pick up my Theatre Bizarre tickets at the hotel at check-in? What do I need to have with me in order to check-in to the hotel?

All tickets will be mailed directly from Templum Balatro to the original purchaser no later than August 15th. Once these tickets have been delivered, it is up to the purchaser to bestow the additional ticket to whomever is listed as their guest upon purchase.

At arrival to MotorCity Casino Hotel, guests will be required to present valid photo identifications matching the names provided at purchase, along with a credit card for any room incidentals.

Be advised - check-in time is 4:00 PM on the day of the event, and check-out time is 11:00 AM the following day.

Are room upgrades / additional nights available?

Room upgrades and extended stays are not available through Theatre Bizarre. If you would like to alter your reservations, we suggest that you contact MotorCity Casino Hotel directly to confirm availability and pricing.

Theatre Bizarre can only guarantee the rooms we have available for a single night stay. Additional nights are not guaranteed to be available. Guests are responsible for confirming all details and paying the hotel directly for all modified reservation charges.

Please note - your name will not be in the hotel’s reservation system immediately, so you may need to wait a few weeks for processing, or until contacted by the hotel for confirmation, before you're able to request any alterations.

Can more than two people stay in a hotel room?

Hotel occupancy is based on the package that we have available, which accommodates two guests. We cannot allow additional persons above the package occupancy to occupy the rooms.

Can our room be next to our friends?

Booking information will be delivered to the Hotel in regular processing intervals as it's received. If you would like adjacent rooms, please make sure to order bundles on the same day. We cannot guarantee these accommodations, as they are dependent on hotel availability, but please let us know if this is something you'd like arrange upon purchase and we'll see what we can do.

Can I purchase the Hotel Bundle as a gift?

Please ensure that the names of all guests staying in the room are delivered to us upon purchase. All confirmation emails and correspondence will still go to the original purchaser, and it is up to them to relay the information to the guests that will be attending the hotel and event.

Are orders refundable in case I cannot attend?

All packages are sold as non-refundable. Once payment has been accepted - it's in Zombo's hands.

Any additional questions -

Please contact us directly at our Facebook page, or by email at

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