Happy Halloween 2018!

Hallowe’en. Samhain. All Saint’s Day. Dia de los Muertos. Pangangaluluwa. Wherever you’re from, and whatever you call it - today is a day of remembrance.

From deep within the halls of Templum Balatro, we certainly remember. We remember the power that Zombo always held within the realm of Theatre Bizarre, and we remember the cursed day in this very year where the self proclaimed “King” stepped forward to take the crown for himself. A vile and selfish creature, fueled only by narcissism and greed. His reign, much like his life, did not last long...as anyone who attended ‘The Great Deception’ can attest to. Zombo hath returned - refusing to sit idly by while his Kingdom was usurped. The rightful ruler has reclaimed the the kingdom, and so too, the throne... That is something we will all remember.

So now, as the leaves fall from the trees on this crisp autumn night, as the candles flicker within the pumpkins inside the cold air, and as the urchin retreat from the streets as the rest of the wicked ones celebrate the divine Memento Mori - we here at Theatre Bizarre wish one and all a Happy Halloween. Join us tonight in revelry and remembrance. Hail Zombo.

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