A Vision of Retrospection Upon The Fortuitous Unfortunates

Oh, my sweet creatures. It feels like an eternity since last you saw behind the veil of Templum Balatro. You feel the longing, don't you? The aching inside of you to return to the parlour where you joined the Fortuitous Unfortunates.  Oh, how I know you do. The games may be over, but the providence foretold by them is forever. Listen to those whispers haunting the air, and think back to those fleeting moments when you gained access and took your first step into this grand world.

You entered our lounge with such reckless abandon. Your search for answers led you right to us, but you were so entranced by the opportunity to find those who decided fate itself, to test your luck. You drank, you played, you danced; for the first time, your eyes were truly open.

It is, after all, us who hold all the cards, and your admittance into our sordid soirée was designed by the Fortuitous Unfortunates all along. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did, my darlings.

Have no fear, my pets. Your inclusion was merely a necessary step for what comes next. Remember what you learned last year through your exploration of all that is Theatre Bizarre. The Fortuitous Unfortunates have what they need from you, but that doesn't mean they don't have more in store. Soon, all will be revealed for your future. It will be up to you, however, to decide your true fate. Secrets and lies shall soon lay at your feet. The game of ruination may be over, but a new world lies ahead. Until then... you'll have to reminisce on the sights we bestowed you.

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