2017 Burlesque Line-Up

The curtain rises as the gowns fall, and all is laid bare before you. My darlings - we offer you a banquet of bountiful flesh within Theatre Bizarre. Are you ready to feast your eyes upon....

Roxi D'Lite (Miss Exotic World 2010)
Medianoche (current reigning Miss Exotic World)
Trixie Little (Miss Exotic World 2015)
Julie Atlas Muz (Miss Exotic World 2006)
Evil Hate Monkey (Mr. Exotic World 2010)
Michelle L'Amour (Miss Exotic World 2005)
Jett Adore (Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame's "World's Most Innovative" 2011)
Laura Desiree
Dolly Berlin
Miss dd Starr
Lushes LaMoan
Aira Delanoche
Mika Romantic
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière
Sugar Vixen
Sydney Deveraux
Miss May
Ivizia Dakini
Tana the Tattooed Lady

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