M.C. Nightshade & the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra

David J {Bauhaus/Love & Rockets} returns as the mysterious M.C. Nightshade,
once again joining the illustrious Theatre Bizarre Orchestra.  Those distinguished guests
attending our Masquerade Galas will witness the grand debut of Carpe Noctem,
the incredible new album inspired by Theatre Bizarre. 
These magnificent musicians congregate soon to immerse us in all
the magic and menace of the dark carnival.  Do not miss this Historic Event!
“I have seen a lot in my many years on this planet, but I have never experienced quite a
Phantasmagoria, that is Theatre Bizarre.  It was breathtaking, and such an immersive experience.
Really like a waking dream.  Or nightmare.”   ~ David J
Available just in time for the event and featuring artwork by John Dunivant and Dante Wildern,
a very limited vinyl LP pressing of Carpe Noctem ~ The extraordinary new album
from M.C. Nightshade and our own Theatre Bizarre Orchestra!
See “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” performed live at the 2014 Theatre Bizarre here…
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October 14th has SOLD OUT! Three Nights Remain!

Zombo writhes with elation dear followers,
for our Preview Gala on October 14th has officially SOLD OUT!

There are still tickets available for the Gala October 21st
and both main events October 15th & 22nd


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2016 Theatre Bizarre Presents – The Greatest Masquerade on Earth!



This year offers each and all a double dose of darkest wonder!
Thrill to the obscene as never before on a scale unparalleled in this mortal plane.
The portal is opening.
Soon, we dance macabre!
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Graven Images of Theatre Bizarre

A delicious peek into the Grand Adventure from the talented eye of Trever Long ~

001-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 002-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 003-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 004-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 005-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 006-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 007-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 008-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 009-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 010-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 011-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016 012-theatre-bizarre-trever-long-2016

See so much more, here.

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2016 Theatre Bizarre Teaser

So soon will be the spectacle.
Those sensations of surreal thrills and that unmitigated cacophony within Templum Balatro.
A mystery to many but known well to our legion of celebrants,
The Greatest Masquerade on Earth!

2016 Theatre Bizarre Teaser



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Attention and Beware! – 2016 Ticket Retailers




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Theatre Bizarre 2016 Show Dates


Theatre Bizarre proudly presents TWO full weekends for the first time in history!
The dark spectacle of music, performance, and abandon known to the initiated as
impossible to witness whole in one night will open a second portal.  
A never before heard of challenge for those who dare!
Masquerade Gala ~ Friday, October 14th / Theatre Bizarre ~ Saturday, October 15th
Masquerade Gala ~ Friday, October 21st / Theatre Bizarre ~ Saturday, October 22nd
Hail, ZOMBO!!


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Graven Images of the Gala

A glorious glimpse into our exquisite Preview Gala from the talented eye of Trever Long ~

Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_20Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_23Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_15Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_19Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_24Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_18Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_17Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_13Theatre-Bizarre-Trever-Long-2015_27See so much more, here.


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The Year of the Goat! Presenting ~

Theatre Bizarre Orchestra with David J * Roxi Dlite * Koffin Kats * Gabriel Brass Band
The Amazing Johnathan * Michelle L’amour * The Doll and The Devil * The Beggars
Ray Gunn * The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow * The Ruiners * Anastasia Synn
Black Jake & the Carnies * Lords and Ladies * The Blueflowers * The Devils Tightrope
Siamese * The Ascension of Hircus * Lady Bones * The Candy Rings Infernal
Tayna Cheex * Darlinda Just Darlinda * Scary Ben * dd Starr
Pink Lightning * Mercury Suspension * Brunswick Brawlers * The Potions * Lady Pain
Nuke and the Hellriders * Poppet * The Whiskey Charmers * Father Hard * Pretty Ghouls
Eternity Engulfed * Carjack * Sister Mary Motherfucker * Lady Jane the Mini Mermaid
Dirty Dog * Sir Cedric The Bat Faced Dandy * Carmel Liburdi
Titano Oddfellow * Succubus Rising * Duo Illuminair * The Amazing Helios
Kitten DeVille * A Clash By Flame * Dirty Devil’s Peepshow * and much, MUCH MORE!!



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Year of the Goat – Sold Out

Theatre_Bizarre_SOLD_OUTTheatre-Bizarre-Marc-Nader-06-2015Theatre Bizarre 2015

The Year of the Goat is Sold Out!

October, we welcome you.

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