FartCar Burning Man Project

The FartCar is a commission project for fellow Burner “ShitFinger”
Project headed by Jason McCombs of Theatre Bizarre and Eddy Bullock of 350 Concepts

Mutant Vehicle Intent Why are you creating this vehicle and bringing it to Burning Man? What experience are you intending to create for people? What do you want to share with the community by bringing this Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man?

“I love the silly and ridiculous and thought a big whoppee cushion farting along the playa would bring a smile to people’s faces. That and my playa name is Shitfinger so thought it only appropriate I drive a whoppee cushion around. There’s enough art cars it’s time for the FartCar!”

The FartCar Original Concept Sketch

FartCar ConceptNight Mock Up

FartCar Night Mockup

Engineering Models

The Base Truck “1965 Ford 250”

Transformation Begins

1/5 Scale Fabric Pattern Test Phase One (Upper Half)

1/5 Scale Fabric Pattern Test Phase Two


Concept and Design:  Jason McCombs
Chief Fabrication and CAD engineer:  Eddy Bullock
Fabrication:  Arron Gilliam
Flame Effect Design and Fabrication:  Josh “Bacon” McAninch
Electronic System and Programing:  Roger Slykhouse
Audio Integration:  John Bowman
Fabric Fabrication:  Jamie Sower


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